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CBA Abacus Ltd. was formed in 1994, to provide computer systems and services, for antiques dealers' and now encompasses other businesses. The foundation of the company was based on the knowledge and 30 years experience of Christine Bridge (Antiques) and her partner Darryl Bowles, whose 20 plus years experience in the computer software industry combined to provide the necessary skills and expertise.
Christine Bridge
1992 saw the commencement of the first ABACUS system which was developed using CA Clipper, a DOS database system. DOS was the preferred choice as Windows was notoriously unstable at this time. By 1994 the system had been vetted by HM Customs and Excise and was being sold purely by word of mouth recommendation and trade press articles, where it was favourably reviewed. 1996 heralded our first web site which was www.bridge-antiques.com and which is thriving to this day having received several rebuilds to keep abreast with new technology.

The Abacus system is being updated regularly, to add new features and conform to changes to the VAT regulations (UK). 1997 was the year that Abacus was first sold in the USA, after changes to the system to take account of state tax in place of VAT, also there were terminology changes, as well as some additional functionality which was later included in the UK version.

  Darryl Bowles
The Abacus system has a broad user base, from Portobello Road stall holders to Mayfair galleries and Maastricht Fair exhibitors. It is used by many chairmen, past and present, of the BADA, British Antiques Dealers' Association. This also applies to the provision of internet services, consultancy and the design, building and hosting of web sites.


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